Unique Positioning:

Impact + Expansion


There is limited capital available for impactful companies with proven business models, looking for their next phase of growth while deepening their impact ambition.


Impact Expansion is one of very few impact investing teams able to invest both as a minority and majority shareholder and to scale business models to a level where they start having a systemic effect.

Strong impact opportunities

Companies with proven business models looking to grow to the next level in terms of impact and governance

Companies with strong growth potential

Where the social and environmental impact is enhanced and scaled through organic growth and build-ups


  • Extensive impact investing experience

  • Strong sourcing capabilities based on a deep network built over the last 10 years in the impact investing space

  • Sector focus: healthcare, employment & education, environment

  • Target companies for which impact is at the core of their business model and where there is strong correlation between impact and financial performance


  • Extensive private equity experience

  • Strategic advices and governance support

  • Operational performance and cost control

  • Strong track record in build-ups, mostly realised

  • Proprietary sourcing through management pool built over the last 15 years

Strong values...

  • Strong ethics

  • Long term view of companies' business and strategy

  • Mindful leadership approach

  • Sustainability highest priority

  • Respect of each stakeholder

...to accelerate companies' impact and returns

  • Accelerate impact and trigger systemic changes by scaling up companies

  • Generate top-tier returns

  • Growth via build-ups and international expansion, creating leaders in their markets

  • Manage risk by focusing on low-risk and performing platforms